Extinction of the African American Male #2

I recently heard a story that frightened my soul, and shook me to the core. But it is not one that I have not heard before. It’s one that happens over and over, year after year. This story is about a young man named M.J., and M.J. was full of life and very liked, he knew everyone and everyone knew him. He had been a victim of a few closely related homicides. Specifically more recent he had suffered the lost of a female friend, I believe her name was Latavia. She was shot in cold blood at her birthday party at 14, she was caught in the crossfire between two gangs. So in turn M.J. started a movement against violence, because he was a talented rapper he rapped against violence. What I don’t understand is how such a positive movement, could bring such HATE and EVIL. His movement actually started a beef, with a rival rap group. M.J.’s real name is Mustafa, Mustafa made a song about his friend Latavia and weeks later he was beat up to an inch of his life. I guess this was a sign to try and discourage or stop him. This did not stop his movement, without looking for retaliation or to save face in the mean Chicago streets, he kept rapping for change. Two boys caught him coming from the library and shot him to death. They took that young man from his community, where he had a positive impact; not like we have much of that going on in those types of communities. They took that young man from his loving sister and mother. He was a beautiful soul; and may God bless his soul. These young men are killing merciless, like it’s there birthright. I can give all kinds of examples of ruthless, heartless and mislead young black men that feel like killing his own, earns him some sort of stripes. Where does this behavior come from? What kind of mentality is it to think because you don’t get along with somebody from L st. and you live on K st. you can end their life. You can’t get along simple……. MOVE!!


5 thoughts on “Extinction of the African American Male #2

  1. The Goomba Gazette

    I keep stressing one thing and one thing only that is going to turn things around in this country -EDUCATION – plain and simple – this was a very touching story and I can tell by your post you are a caring person that wants to see changes desperately.
    Keep following the Goomba Gazette and possibly together we can make a difference – this country surely needs one


    1. yourmindplzexpressit Post author

      Thank you for your reply to my post, I agree Education and two parent homes is vital. Follow my blogs/stories on the extinction of the African male and I will follow yours. All so true together we can make a difference….



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