Extinction of the African American Male #3 EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN OPINION, HERES MINE….

Freddie Gray R.I.P. my brother, you were done an injustice. You will be missed, many loved you. May God rest your soul. Freddie Gray was a 27-year-old man from the Gilmore housing projects, with a troubled past (his lengthy drug rap sheet).  Now until the investigation is over we won’t know the truth or maybe then we still won’t know. God knows. There’s a lot of questions and opinions surrounding the day of his arrest. Now here’s mine. There were six officers which five have given a statement and one has not. Three officers on bikes I assume patrolling the Gilmore housing projects ( home to Gray) saw Gray and one of the officers made eye contact with Gray and for whatever reason he ran (maybe it was the illegal switch blade in his pocket he was carrying for protection).  The three officers pursued after Gray while calling for back up. Once other officers arrived Gray stopped running and they went on to arrest him. He must have argued and resisted arrest, because by the time they dragged him to the paddy wagon he was screaming in agony and had no use of his legs.
Now in my opinion based on the video footage, they rough housed him because he resisted arrest. One of the officers had to drop down on his neck with their knee because by the time they pulled him up from the  ground he was screaming a pain filled scream, and had no use of his legs.

Based on Democracy Now T.V. reporters, Freddie Gray died because of a spinal injury, his voice box was crushed, and his spine was 80% severed. Videos show Gray screaming in agony from the original arrest; which leads me to believe his illegal police ride with no restraints only leg restraints only contributed to his spinal injury which ultimately led to his death. Gray had his Civil Rights violated. This one was widely reported, but since 2011 Baltimore has paid out roughly $6.3 million for police misconduct cases, while the Police Union sits back and defends these officers. Attorney for the Union says the police did nothing wrong.
Look 80% of the prison system is Black yet only 28% occupy the state. Extinction, Gentrification, whatever you may want to call it. I’m gonna call it how I see it as unfair.


Brothers if you are reading this, step up and encourage your alcoholic or hustler friend, your little brother, your womanizing cousin, abusive uncle, brother in-law and most of all your sons to do the right thing. Encourage them to be strong role models for others encourage them to be men to their kids and their woman. Most of all encourage the family unit.



6 thoughts on “Extinction of the African American Male #3 EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN OPINION, HERES MINE….

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  2. B. J. Hollywood

    Wow, well said, man. Well said. Everyone knows those police did something wrong, everyone. My Dad was law enforcement, not city police, but a federal agent. Even back then, when I was a kid, he told me city police can become as bad as the worst criminals they deal with, and not to trust them.


  3. Carl D'Agostino

    I heard the knife Freddie carried was not a switchblade but a legal sized pocket knife which is legal. Understand he may have been a drug dealer which some are quick to point out but neither if fact have any relevance as to what was done to him. I taught 11th grade social studies in Miami 33 years in primarily black schools. Many young men had arrest records for very minor things as well as later in their 20’s. With a criminal record they cannot get jobs which disables them from getting jobs and increases the pattern of welfare, poverty and despair. The system arrests young minority males to create jobs for the criminal justice industry(notice I did not say criminal justice system). This is called the felonization of America. The African American male is not extinct but his ability to have employment and to be a father(because in prison) has caused their extinction and disenfranchisement from the normal male routines in society. Thanks visit my blog.


    1. yourmindplzexpressit Post author

      Yes the knife Freddie Gray was carrying was legal. Which means his arrest was illegal. There is no “justice system”, your absolutely right “criminal justice industry”. Thanks for your input.



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